In Beats & Bass Volume One

by Relative Dimensions



Ten Track FREE Compilation to mark the launch of New Label Relative Dimensions (Part of The Radical Mixtape Group)
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By Phil Doza & Maculate




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Relative Dimensions UK

Relative Dimensions is a Label run by Doctor Hooka as a community Label, Nominated for Best New Label at the 2014 Breakspoll International Breakbeat Awards

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Track Name: Channel Live ft. KRS 1 - Mad Izm (DJ Moneyshot Remix)
Uhh! Yeahhh
I know you're diggin this type of shit right here

We about to spark it on the mic, yeahhh
Come on!

The episode starts when I walk down the block kid
Reach in my poc-ket, yo where's my knot, it
follows me into the spot, compellin
Go check the dread and yes he's herb sellin
A punani gate, I'm a potential felon
Izm is smellin, like I ain't even tellin
Channel one two, I'm smashin the law
Channel three, I make a run to the store
Channel four leave the store with the Phillie cause I...
spark the izm, I'm off to Channel Live

Wake up in the mornin got the yearnin for herb
which loosens up the nouns, metaphors, and verbs
And adjectives, ain't it magic kid what I'm kickin
Multi-flavored bags of sess, for the pickin
So listen to the izm as it talks non-stop
Hawaiian when I'm rhymin but so is the chocolate thai
Now the high, starts to settle
Kickin fat lyrics that rocks, like heavy metal

I'm comin out de dance wif de spliff of sensei
When I speak, big up Mack, L.O., and Malik
Like John Lennon, yes I'm I-C-M'n
I start grinnin, and syllables start bendin
My style is untangible, like a wild animal
Check the label as it goes round it's on Capitol
That's what I'm smackin you with cause it's easy
Like Lionel Richie, your whole style is bitchy
Switch me, mix me, somebody get me
Don't let me rip out my clothes like Bill Bixby
Rippin the microphone 'til I'm motherfuckin sixty
Smokin the indo, by the window, it's sticky

Spark the izm, my expertism, is lyricism
My flow will take you over, like I was hypnotism
So where's the lighter, to decipher, the skills that I'm bringin
hyper than a little kid on ginseng roots
and culture, my intellect will insult ya
Finish off your dead mind like a vulture
I gotta get mine, get a grip
Cause there's all these weak rappers steady makin hits, FUCK THAT!
But ninety-four I bring the skills back
So listen now I'm doin what I want to do and sparkin mad izm

I come with notions, deeper than the ocean
Check out my potion, mad rhythm in the motion
The izm, brings the wisdom, when I kick it on the rhythm
Check it how I rock it in a cipher
Desire, takes you higher, lyrical messiah
(Yo yo yo yo-yo, pass that lighter)
Counterclockwise, I rise like the sun
Now feel the heat from the rays of the gun
Shootin out the mental mist
How you gonna know the real shit when your style's counterfeit??

His shit is counterfeit cause he's motherfuckin phony
Come into the jam try to front like he know me
Hah! Listen to this new type of somethin
Bumpin, ninety-four ain't for no frontin
New type of lingo, catchy like a jingle
Rougneck hip-hop is drippin from the single
Now, let me introduce you to the one
The Channel Live indo this loosens you up
Goin through the channels of the remote control
Flickin through the frequencies of your soul

Then roll the izm, the inflater, I'm weeded
Like wearing a sweater, at the equator, I'm heated
But I flip a style like I flip a channel
Step up and test the skills, you can get my tes-ticules
Cause hip-hop's been runningthrough my veins ever since
So it wasn't hard for me to grab the mic and represent
Representing tormenting MC's craniums
Till they can't flow why cause I'm drainin em
Don't mean to be blunt but don't front
I'm doing it for the love so now I'm doin what I want
To do with my Channel Live crew so just listen
Dissin wack MC's and sparking up mad izm
Track Name: Morlack - Ain't Nuthin' But Keepin' On
I been looking for you're *** since a quarter past.
Hot peas and butter, baby, come and get your supper.
Before I make you suffer That's when you had enough-a
Can I get hot when you hit the jackpot?
Surely I can, if you the man.
I get loose and produce large amounts of juice.
Can you get used to that or do you need a boost of energy to enter me and
get it on.
You're gettin' warm.
I can feel you getting closer.
Now baby, down this Mimosa.
You better believe it's time to give a toast to.
The woman of the decade, too bad to be played.
Get vex and I'm bound to throw shade.
All over your body.
Who's body?
You're body.
I can rock a party like nobody.
Leavin' time to take home the loot.
Choosy about who I let knock my boot
Now let me take sight while your lovin' the Lyte.
Life ain't all that unless you're doing it right.


Keep On' Keepin On, Cause you came and you changed my world.
Your love so brand new. Keep on keep kickin' on. Doin it right, right,
right... Ah, ah, ah....

Beware of the stare when I step into peace.
I come in peace but I got **** that need to be released.
Now who from the chosen shall I choose?
Yeah, now you wish you was in his shoes.
I found me a new ***** this year.
That know's how to handle this here.
Now I look forward to goin' home at night.
Brother does mo right.
Under the candlelight.
Wax upon my back, can I handle all of that?
I guess I can.
Can I, why not?
If I wanna guess I can. Can I?
More honey than a bumble-bee hive.
Pulling 69 ways in my archive.
Sweet like licorice.
Sugar for my booga.
Juicy like Hi-C. Or an Icee.
I got **** to make your *** write a bad check.
Cause like I said I ain't afraid of the sweat.
Beat on my drum if you feel the need to.
As I procede to Open up and feed you.
I got a longing to put you where you wanna be.
Been I can, I get rid of all company.


Many have tried strict regulation.
Lazy mother******* get put on probation.
Those that didn't perform well.
They gets no answer when they ring-a-ring-a my bell.
You're playing with my time.
Trying to jerk me hurt me then dessert me.
You better work me.
While you got the oppurtunity.
To be in the midst of the L-Y-T-E.
Only the strong survive.
Only the wise excel.
Once said by my born-in-hell.
Only the lonely die slowly.
Left all alone try to control me.
Easy does it never ask how was it.
Never speak my info why my sheets in the streets.
Cause that ain't cool. And that ain't cute.
To talk about who knocked the boots on a video shoot.
But it's all good, though you gotta get it when you want it.
Like your prey, make your move and hop up on it.
It's natural. Never be ashamed.
**** the fame. Get the name, and kick the game.
Track Name: One Be Lo - Ox Y Moron (DJ INKO Remix)
You know you got a lil' somethin' somethin'
When the checks start comin'
And you grew up with nothin'
The meals ain't stretchin'
And the Bills ain't stressin'
Got the ill shit electric
And you still ain't accustomed

New Money-
Used to be the food stamp lunchie...
King Sized-
Used to be the Boot Camp bunkie...
From Studio to Two-Stories, fam' gotta eat up...
The Jones got 3 what?
You know you gotta keep up
"F" Livin' Large, New Money livin' DELUXE...
Walkin' out the Mall, lookin' awe, from the feet up...
G'd up...
Guest list in all the V-I-P clubs
You used to bring the fake I.D. trynna sneak up
In highschool invisible,
You didn't speak up...
Now we see you...
You actin' like you don't see us,
The people that you grew up with...
You don't call'em back
Now they think,
That you think,
That you're all of that...

Say Make Money Money
Make Money Money Money

Welcome to New Money Country
Full of new Funny Duddies
Old crew Buddy Buddy...
Here you see the most Obscure types,
Turn into the most Popular guy or girl over night...
The Bank can't hide new money,
Everybody got they hands out
At your door,
Pocket tug-of-war
Weigh your pants down...
This give a gold digger tickets to Advance now...
Back then you couldn't get the number...
But now she gave you the address, the place where she slumber...
Just in case you thought she had a change of heart...
The only change, come in small bills...
She will accept a credit card

Say Make Money Money
Make Money Money Money

Some people
And Tyrants
They take Money Money
My Pockets wanna be Giant I save Money Money
From Michigan to Switzerland Bank Money Money
Spend Money bring it to an end Money Money
Some hands Bloody
Kill Kill for the Money...
My soul not for sale but I deal with the Money
Little House on the Hill but it's still Money Money